Chapter 28 of my First book: Are You WHO and WHERE You want to be? If not, WHAT is Stopping You?

Chapter 27 of my First book: The Top 10 CHANGE ENABLERS. That I begged, borrowed and stole. Feel free to do likewise

Chapter 26 of my First book: The Power of THREE. Sharing my top 3 lessons learned. Helping YOU go Farther and Faster

Chapter 23 of my First book: Finding MY Balance. My Work-Life Balance! And trying really hard to maintain it, at first

Chapter 20 of my First book: . Finding MY ENERGY sources and leveraging them. And having a little FUN along the way!

WHO am I? I am the guy WHO is sharing what guys are not supposed to share. Storyteller Dave.

Break Time. Time to Hit the Gym! But, Quickly!

HOW I LOST 100 Pounds of Body Fat (a.k.a. How I adopted a Healthier Lifestyle the EASYer way)

Eating Healthy Does Not Have to Taste Like S**T!

“Let’s Talk” about MY “bout” with Clinical Depression

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