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“I feel extra energy every time we connect – and a large part is that you share your vulnerability freely so that I can share mine.  That was truly what led to the breakthrough session we did years ago, when I started my journey of becoming fully me!”

—  C.S.

“I first started working with Dave because I was unsatisfied with where I was in my life. I had bad habits I wasn’t proud of and I was ready to break the loop. The personal growth that I’ve experienced with the help of Dave’s Coaching has made an impact on my personal and work life balance and gave me the confidence to chase grander goals. His ability to listen and question me on my semantics allowed me to force my self to have a different perspective on my problems. He often made me realize I was worried about the wrong things and gave me the accountability to work on improving myself on a daily basis.”

—  J.C.

“I like how you deliver your thoughts with a sprinkle of humour 😉”

—  Q.R.

“I knew what I wanted to do but I wasn’t sure I would be able to do it without help.  Dave showed me, by monitoring my progression and what I was doing to accomplish my goals, that I could do it.  He also supported me in setting realistic goals, which gave me greater motivation to accomplish them. With Dave’s support, I achieved my goals!”

—  A.T.

“Thanks for the link to your website, which has given me the benefit of seeing you live; or at least on video. You have a really nice vibe about you. :)”

—  M.P.

“Dave is one of the more genuine people you will ever meet”

—  N.S.

“You have inspired me. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. Keep the blogs coming. You are awesome”

—  L.H.

“Your writing is very inspirational and will have an impact on so many”

—  M.P.

“Hi Dave. I so enjoyed meeting you and sharing with you. Thank you for gifting me your book. I hope you had a blast at your book signing. I know you will make a difference in this world because you made a difference in me.”

—  M.R.

“Dave is one of the more genuine people you will ever meet”

—  N.S.

“Hi Dave! Congrats for your book!  This is very inspiring! I will order 2 … one for me and one for my boyfriend. Hope all is well.”

—  M.H.C.

You are so eloquent and expressive in your writing, Dave – it is like speaking with you!!!

—  L.G.

“I truly admire your dedication to your field and to personal growth. ”

—  S.F.

“I finished your book this weekend. I loved it! very inspiring and I especially liked how vulnerable and real you are. It made the read extremely interesting for me. I always wan to know what it’s like to be someone else, what they think about, and how they feel about things. Thanks for sharing.”

—  M.M.

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