Looking at making positive instead of negative and/or no changes in your life? Check out my first book! 😊

WHO am I? I am the guy WHO is sharing what guys are not supposed to share. Storyteller Dave.

Happy 2 Year Business Anniversary, Mr. Entrepreneur. Yikes! What Did I get MYself into?

Break Time. Time to Hit the Gym! But, Quickly!

Are YOU ready for a Transition in YOUR role and/or Organization? BTW…. It can be fun!

HOW I LOST 100 Pounds of Body Fat (a.k.a. How I adopted a Healthier Lifestyle the EASYer way)

Making Change as Easy as “ABC”. If only it were always that easy. But here is to giving it a try, with one of MY Top 5 Lists

WHO are YOU? The Unique YOU! The Authentic YOU! How well Do YOU know YOU? Sharing MY Top 10 Ways that I got to know Myself Better.

Are YOU Playing to YOUR Strengths? MY Top 10 Learnings from Playing to Them with a Bunch of 10-year-olds!

WHO and What is Accompanying YOU on YOUR Life Journey?

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