Are YOU Looking to Make a Change in YOUR Life? A Positive One!

INTRODUCING MY SELF CHANGE MANAGEMENT MODEL:  CCCM I went through a lot of positive life changes over these past years. And lived to write a book about it! 😊 Although it was not my intention [...]

Play to Your YOU! i.e. Your Strengths!

Looking at making positive instead of negative and/or no changes in your life? Check out my first book! 😊

Yo! Dave! What’s with all the stuff on your office wall?

I’ve recently discovered that I have become more of a failure in Life! Would YOU like to be more of one as well?

Are YOU Leading to YOUR Authentic Leadership Style? (at least most of the time?)

When it comes to Listening. Are YOU an artist?

WHO am I? I am the guy WHO is sharing what guys are not supposed to share. Storyteller Dave.

Are YOU an ENGAGING Leader? At least most of the time?

Happy 2 Year Business Anniversary, Mr. Entrepreneur. Yikes! What Did I get MYself into?

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