A Question to Ask Yourself Next Time YOU are Feeling Stressed

Are YOU Looking to Make a Change in YOUR Life? A Positive One!

INTRODUCING MY SELF CHANGE MANAGEMENT MODEL:  CCCM I went through a lot of positive life changes over these past years. And lived to write a book about it! 😊 Although it was not my intention [...]

Play to Your YOU! i.e. Your Strengths!

What gets discussed when two CEO’s get together to discuss LOVE ❤️and helping others?

Happy 3 Year Business Anniversary Mr. Elderpreneur! Another Year of FEAR and JOY has come and gone. What do you have in store for YEAR 4?

It has been 3 years now since I decided, at the WISER age of 50, to launch my own business, for the first time in my life. I am now referring to myself as an “Elderpreneur”. By eldenpreneur, I am [...]

Ssshh! Don’t tell anyone. I share my EMOTIONS in my book, and I am a Dude! We’re not supposed to ☹

Top 5 Skills for Developing and Maintaining a Relationship with Your Soulmate (or so I think)

Happy Birthday Sweetie! You can do anything! I am living proof. I Published my first book at 53 years old (a.k.a. wise)