Are YOU Looking to Make a Change in YOUR Life? A Positive One!

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I went through a lot of positive life changes over these past years.

Chapter 26: MONDAYS don’t have to SUCK!

And lived to write a book about it! 😊

Although it was not my intention to transform myself when I set out,
that is what ended up happening. I went from a very dark and nasty place to a much, much more enjoyable place.
YAY! I am grateful!

I share my story and lessons learned in my book:
MONDAYS don’t have to SUCK!
How small changes can make a huge difference.

After some time for self-reflection on my change,
and listening to the stories of positive change from others.
I have come up with a “Self Change Management Model” that I am hoping makes the change that I describe in my book, EASYer to undertake.
A “Self Change Management Model”? The ex-consultant in me. 😊

I originally named my model CCM.
Like in CCM Hockey Equipment.
How Canadian of me! 😊

I have since added one crucial missing component.
I will give you a hint, it also starts with a C.
I would love to share my model with you!
My “CCCM Self Change Management Model”.

By change, I mean enabling and maintaining Positive change and a Positive mindset.

Here it is!
One letter at a time.
Not necessarily in order.

Comments (i.e. ideas, feedback, stories etc..) most welcome.

A word of caution!
The model can also be used to enable and maintain NEGATIVE change. ☹
I know! I unknowingly used it that way for quite some time.
I much prefer the POSITIVE approach. 😊


The word MOMENTUM starts with an M.

Chapter 15: MONDAYS don’t have to SUCK!

Momentum of the positive type.
As mentioned, the model can be used to create negative change as well.
I leveraged it that way for a while.
Then finally, when I hit rock bottom, I decided to start making some positive changes.
Just one small step at a time.
Before I knew it, the momentum was helping me make and maintain changes that I could never have imagined and believed were possible before.

Reminds me of a quote that my business coach shared with me.
” Action trumps fear”.
It takes courage to make change.
What better way to develop courage than to trump your fears?

Oh! and don’t forget to take a break and recharge along the way!
Nothing can kill momentum quicker than not taking care of ourselves and our energy levels.

The word CONNECTION starts with a C.

Spoiler Alert: The first C is the same word as the second C.
But in this case, it is Connect with YOURSELF.
Your Unique and Authentic self.

Chapter 18: MONDAYS don’t have to SUCK!

We receive so much unsolicited advice and feedback from others.
On what we SHOULD do and how we SHOULD go about doing it!
(often based more on what works for them rather than us)
That we sometimes forget WHO we really are!

I know. I lost myself along the way during my life journey.
I got to a point where I felt like I was walking in a pair of shoes that did not fit.
That did not fit at all! OUCH!! ☹
It took me a while to find my true self (i.e. my gifts and talents and wants and likes and styles etc.)
Not to mention, finding a new pair of shoes. 😊

How about you!
Who are you?

Oh! And, How comfy are your shoes?
If need be, feel free to reach out to borrow my foot measuring tools. 😊

The word CONNECTION starts with a C.

Like the first letter C, the second letter C is for the word Connect.
But in this case, it is Connecting with OTHERS.
The RIGHT others!

Acknowledgements Section: MONDAYS don’t have to SUCK!

They are the ones who get to know you.
They are NOT the ones who tell you what you should do. ☹
They are the ones that help you do what you want to do.
To be who you want to be (i.e. YOU!).

They inspire and acknowledge and support you.
As you continue to make and maintain positive change momentum in your life.
Momentum. The letter M in CCCM.
Momentum of the positive kind. 😊
A little inspiration from others goes a long way in that regards.

Oh! and speaking of positive.
Connecting with positive people has a pretty big impact.
As Neil Pasricha points out in his book, The Happiness Equation:
“You are the average of the 5 people around you”.
If that is true, then it is pretty difficult to gain positive momentum,
if you surround yourself with people who gravitate to the negative. ☹

How about you!
Are you hanging around the right crowd?

The word CATALYST starts with a C.

Technically speaking, it is the First C in “CCCM”.
After all, change starts with this C.
So, although I have shared this letter last, it is actually where it all begins.

Unfortunately, that catalyst often seems to be something negative.

Chapter 13: MONDAYS don’t have to SUCK!

In my case, one of my catalysts was that I had sank so low in my life that I had nowhere to go but up.
Another time I had to either change my bad habits or get in the habit of taking insulin every day. ☹

I hear of many other similar types of catalysts.
It’s as if the oxygen masks have to come down before we decide to change.
What ever happened to a “positive push” forward?

Oh well! Negative or not,
The important thing is that the most important enabler of change has taken place.
That is, we are ready and want to make a change.

I am so grateful for my Catalysts.
I don’t know where I would be today without them.
The catalyst and my initial decision and persistence to move forward.

Not to mention all of those people around me who helped me out.
Thank you all!


So, there you have it.
The CCCM Self Change Management Model.
Ideally (and hopefully) for Change of the POSITIVE kind. 😊

C = Catalyst for Change

C = Connect with Yourself. Your unique and authentic self!

C = Connect with Others. The right others!

M = Positive Momentum. Just get going!

Took me a while to figure it out.
I like to joke that I am a slow but persistent learner.
It also takes some time and effort to make the CCCM theory real.

I hope you find the Model helpful.
In making and then maintaining positive change(s) in YOUR Life!

Do you know someone who is looking to make some positive change(s) in their life?
Feel free to share these thoughts with them and/or have them reach out to me.
I have plenty more stories to share when it comes to making change.
I also love to hear them as well.



Virtual Career and Life Coach
and …. Storyteller!

Helping People Make and Maintain Positive Change in Their Lives!

Author: MONDAYS don’t have to SUCK!



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