Play to Your YOU! i.e. Your Strengths!

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In this case, Playing to YOUR Strengths!


Quick question for YOU!
Do YOU know them?

I was speaking to a group of folks recently.
About 20 people.
I asked, by show of hands, “how many of you know your own strengths?”
Not one hand went up. ☹

So, I have asked one of my fellow coaches, Christine Stoffels, to help me shed some light on this important topic.
The ACTIVATOR in both of use decided to put a video together.  😊

In it, we….

  • Explain the concept of Playing to One’s Strengths
  • Introduce the link between One’s Strengths and One’s Leadership Style
  • Provide some real life examples in order to make the theory more real (until you try it out YOURself 😊)
  • Apply the concept to working more efficiently and effectively as part of a Team
  • Point you in the right direction to be able to find out what YOUR Strengths are?

Comments and/or Questions most welcome!

ENJOY! The Video

Here is the LINK:

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