I’m an accountant. Would you like to date me?

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No! This is not one of the pictures on my profile on my dating.com site.
No! I am not pregnant but it kind of looks that way.
No! I am no longer an accountant but I was for quite some time.
No! I don’t look like that anymore.
More importantly, I don’t feel like that anymore. 😊

That was me and what I looked like when I was spending time in what I now refer to in my book as my time in My NASTY zone.
In my quest for SUCCESS I had ended up becoming a  F**king MESS!
My heart had grown cold 🙁 but at least I was somewhere hot when this picture was taken.

Unfortunately, I am not alone. I come across a lot of other people who seem to be spending time in their nasty zones.  🙁

I am grateful to be in a much better place these days.
It took time and effort and lots of small changes to make and maintain that self-change.
It was not always easy but I look and more importantly, FEEL, much better now. 😊

In my book, MONDAYS don’t have to SUCK! I describe how I ended up where I ended up and how I got out of that nasty place

My journey from success to becoming a F**king MESS and back to success again
but this time around using MY definition of Success and not Societies (or my inner critic’s 🙁 )

If you or anyone you know is stuck in their nasty zone
My book is available on Amazon

I am available by just reaching out if and when I can be of support

Take care 


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