Happy Birthday Sweetie! You can do anything! I am living proof. I Published my first book at 53 years old (a.k.a. wise)

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Happy Birthday Sweetie!
You can do anything!
I am living proof
I just published my first book at 53 years old (a.k.a. wise)

This blog is TWO stories for the price of one
Two different situations
#1 My daughter’s 12th birthday
#2 Publishing my first book after my 53rd birthday
The story in print now follows
A video story with some more thoughts on BELIEVING is at the end

I bought my daughter a water bottle for her birthday
It said “you can do anything”
That was the theory
I just made that theory real
By publishing my first book
It is all about making  change
Both positive  and negative ☹
They both work the same
They both take time and effort
They just go in different directions
And you go with them

It took me more than 2 years
I used every trick in the book to get my book to the finish line (pardon the pun )
And I stuck it!
I stuck the flag into the finish line

They say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks
Well I leaned more than a few
Through both the tough times and the joyful times
I am all the wiser now for the experience
Not to mention more courageous

And the bonus?
A lot of what I learned rubbed off on my kids
They are helping me out on all kinds of things
And learning what it takes to start a business
And take risks and leave one’s comfort zone
This from a guy who had been receiving a bi-weekly paycheck for most of his life
I am trying to bring my kids up to believe that they can do anything
By making the theory rea
By teaching an old dog lots of new tricks
The name of my book?
MONDAYS (don’t have to) SUCK!
How small changes can make a huge difference

My book is also two stories for the price of one
One negative one on my way down
And one positive one on my way back up
I am sticking to the latter one moving forward thank-you very much!
It is available on Amazon
Enjoy the read!
Enjoy your Life Journey!

Opps! and before I forget. Here is the Video

Thanks for encouraging my storytelling
and supporting my business
and my beautiful family



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