Looking at making positive instead of negative and/or no changes in your life? Check out my first book! 😊

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I am pretty darn excited today.
I was just telling a friend of mine that I am so excited.
That I feel as if I am going to pee my pants.

After over 2.5 years as a Coach and Storyteller.
I am only days away from publishing my first book.
It is a book on enabling change.
Of both the negative and positive kind.
Having gone through both myself, I now prefer the positive type.

My book is called :

MONDAYS (don’t have to) SUCK
How Small Changes Can Make a Huge Difference
One man’s unintentional journey of life-altering self-transformation

Take a peek at the video of what the book is all about.
It is located just below.
Or if you are too busy to watch the video , just listen to it.

In the video, I answer the following 2 questions:

#1 Who will benefit from reading it?
(my hypothesis is that you are among them)


#2 How is it any different than the million plus other books on enabling change that are out there?

FYI. I plan on having the book available on Amazon.com by MONDAY July 16, 2018.
And on Amazon.ca around the same time.

For those of you who would like to order a signed copy (along with a thought or two for you from you know who )
Let me know by emailing me at daveawalker123@outlook.com and I will connect and collect the necessary information and money $ to fund my business 🙂

I received my first book pre-payment this past Tuesday June 26 at 8:44 PM EST (Thanks Chantal!)
After over 2.5 years as a Professional Coach, I have now officially become a Professional Storyteller as well.
Another transition among my many.
From amateur to pro.
One small step at a time!

If you do take a read of my book.
Feel free to share the ways in which you made some positive changes in your life.
I would love to share them with others who may benefit as well.
Because that is what I do.
That is what I love doing.
Sharing and caring. Caring and sharing.
In the HOPES of helping make other people better off.
I can only hope though.
Because, in the end, it is up to them (and you) to make it happen!

Oh and whoever said that:
“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”
Bullsh*t! I am turning 54 in less than a year.
And, as outlined in the book I have taught myself a whole whack of them! 🙂

Enjoy the read!
Enjoy your life journey!

And thanks  for all your support.
I am truly blessed.


Professional Life Coach and Storyteller
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