I’ve recently discovered that I have become more of a failure in Life! Would YOU like to be more of one as well?

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Note to Reader: If you like where this story is going there is a link to a Video Chat on it below 🙂

I have started failing a lot lately.
and now I want to keep at it.

Yes! You heard me right.
I want to become more of a failure in life.
O.k. Maybe not a complete failure.
That sounds like perfection.
And my quest for perfection started stressing me out a while ago.
So, I let that quest go.

Let’s just say that I am more of a failure than I was about 5 years ago.
And a lot more of a failure since I left my corporate bi-weekly salary and benefit role and structure.
that supported me for 30 years back on November 30, 2015.
They say that 80% of businesses fail within the first 5 years.
That is scary.
Am I going to be one of them?
That is even scarier.
At least for me.
I am at 2.5 years and counting.

Change is scary.
At times very scary.
And so is failing, especially at first.
I would be lying to you if I said that I have not woken up at night scared along my journey.
Or not woken up in the morning ready to start my business day and felt stuck because I was so scared.
It seems to go in cycles and there is a high correlation to my mindset and energy levels.
My hypothesis is that I will continue to be scared at times moving forward.
Because I am only human and human’s are supposedly wired to feel fear.
I was so scared and hiding in my comfort zone for so much of my life
That I fear my wiring has become even more sensitive to fear.

Am I going to fail?
Only time will tell.
And my definition of business failure will probably have changed a lot in  between now and then
based on how much learning and growing I have done as part of that failing.

I try and explain my interpretation of the concept of failure in my latest VIDEO CHAT.
Here is the LINK https://youtu.be/57Y9n2acmJU
Spoiler Alert. I defined FAIL as …..
First Attempt ILearning.

In the VIDEO, I have also created and shared a tool to help you move forward faster and farther.
Along your journey of learning and growing.
OOPPs.. I mean your journey of Failing. 🙂

All you need is a double sided piece of paper.
Or anything else that you want to use to capture.
Your next step.
Not Your next steps but,

Too many next steps, I find, can be daunting.
And that, along with the quest for perfection, stresses me out as well.

Enjoy the VIDEO
Enjoy your journey
I hope this little Video chat and tool has helped you along your way


Dave Walker
Coach and Storyteller
(a.k.a. the Dude who likes to share)


Author of the forthcoming book
Tell Me Why I Now Love Mondays!
(At least, most of the time )

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