Video Blog 1: How to lead a more miserable, oops, I mean better, life!

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How to lead a more miserable, oops, I mean better, life!

I am sharing my first, and hopefully not last, Video Blog with you today.

I have done a lot of research on leading a BETTER life over the past few years.
I have tried to make a lot of that theory real by trying it out on myself.
And then sharing my findings via my blogs and my book
(both of which you can find on my website).

Well during all that research and experimentation I came across one particular book,
whose author was sharing strategies to do just the opposite i.e. Lead a more MISERABLE life.
40 strategies to be exact.
I was intrigued so I went through them.
I picked 3 that resonated with me.

My hypothesis was that If I did the opposite of what he was proposing I might end up with what I was aiming for,
i.e. leading a BETTER life, more often.

I share the results and my insights in the attached Video Blog
Here is the link to the Video Blog


Oh and ….If you would like to explore how I can help you lead a better life, more often,
via a coaching relationship (a.k.a. partnership).
Feel free to schedule an introductory 30 minute call. It is complimentary.

Here is the link to schedule an introductory call

I would love to accompany you on your journey!




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