Are YOU Leading to YOUR Authentic Leadership Style? (at least most of the time?)

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I was facilitating a 2-day leadership development session earlier this week.
So leadership is top of mind for me right now.
Apparently top of mind for a lot of others as well.
Supposedly there is a huge gap out there on the leadership side of things.
And there is a big potential positive impact in closing it.
Hence the interest.
Even small, incremental positive changes (one day and one step at a time) can have a huge impact.

I have recently shared a few blogs on the topic.
So, it might be a good time to re-share one, but which one?
How about the one on Leadership Traits?
Traits of the positive kind!

It is called:
The link is below.
But before you take a peek.
I have ONE TRAIT that I would like you to consider.
And a little exercise for you to try out.

The leadership trait is a trait that keeps coming up a lot in my readings and interaction with others.
And that trait is AUTHENTICITY (a.k.a. Being Authentic)
(a very positive correlation with good and great leaders)
(a very negative correlation with bad or downright rotten leaders)

We often ask people to come up with the traits of what makes a good or great leader.
And/or what makes a bad one.
By thinking of someone else.
But enough about them.
Let’s take a different approach.
Let’s think of YOU!
The authentic you!

What leadership traits are you playing to?
Which one’s suit (a.k.a. align) with you?

Here is the exercise (in case you want to try it out)
What Top 3 leadership traits make you a good or great leader?
What is the number one trait that sometimes makes you a bad leader? (i.e. on those days that you get up on the wrong side of the bed)

You can use the top 25 list of traits in my blog for ideas for good ones.
Here is to the blog  the Link  (FYI –  the list is not exhaustive)
and/or you can explore other lists that you may find helpful.
(FYI a whole boatload are only a google search away)

Enjoy the read!
Enjoy the exercise!

Happy Leading! 😊

Oh. And……
If YOU would like to further explore how YOU can be a Better Leader, More Often.
Reach out to ME and we can discuss the best way to go about it. YOUR best way to go about it.
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