Are YOU looking for a way to increase YOUR New Years Resolution Success Rate this year?

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Making Change and TRANSITION EASYer on YOURself!
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An idea for YOU!

The new year is once again fast approaching.
And along with it, the annual ritual of the New Years Resolution.
What a great way to start the year,
by looking for an excuse to make a positive change in our lives! 😊
But more often than not, some claim up to 90% of the time,
they get abandoned during execution. ☹
So, I thought that I would share an IDEA, and a story or two,
in the hopes of increasing YOUR odds of success.

Whatever your goal (a.k.a. RESOLUTION), think of how YOU can make it EASYer on Yourself?
That is my challenge to YOU!
That is the approach I took a few years ago with my goal to finally start leading a healthier life.
To start it and to keep at it.
It took me a while, and cost me a bit of $$
(I had to replace my wardrobe since it no longer fit after the resulting weight loss 😊)
but it was well worth the investment.
If you are interested in READING that story for ideas and inspiration, here is the link:
How I lost close to 100 pounds of body fat
If you would prefer to WATCH me sharing that story, here is the link to the video:
How I adopted a Healthier Lifestyle (The EASYer Way)

Wishing you all the best for the New Year!
And lots of success with YOUR New Year’s resolution(s)!
And don’t forget to ask YOURself. How can I make this change EASYer on MYself?


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