Are YOU an ENGAGING Leader? At least most of the time?

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Making Change and TRANSITION EASYer on YOURself!

I am preparing to facilitate a leadership development workshop.
One of the exercises is to come up with a list of TRAITS of a GREAT LEADER.
And those of a NOT so great leader.
As mentioned in one of my latest leadership related blogs;
Are YOU a GOOD or BAD Leader? To what extent are YOU SELF-AWARE?
We can be great at times and not so great at other times.
Often, it depends on what side of the bed we got up on in the morning.
Our own attitude, mindset and mood can have a big impact on
our ability to engage with and ultimately engage others.
That is where self-awareness becomes so important.
It helps to be self-aware so that we can self manage ourselves.
After all, when it comes to being an engaging leader,
the buck stops and starts with YOU.

And the stakes are huge when in comes to engaging, engaging leaders.
The level of engagement in most organizations is low these days.
In some instances, it is anemic.
And the resulting impact on people’s motivation levels,
and their resulting levels of productivity and,
ultimately, the company bottom line is not exactly positive when that is the case.
Hence the business case for developing our leaders and future generation of leaders.
It is no coincidence that organizations are investing so much in
Leadership Development these days.
Employee engagement has a huge impact on the bottom line.
And engaging leaders can have a huge positive impact on that level of engagement.

This cartoon sums up one of my favourite definitions of developing leaders.
Talk about a leverage model 😊.

In one of my earlier leadership blogs
Dave’s Top 5 List: Traits of a Great Leader
I shared a list of 22 traits of a great leader that I had come across.
I used it to come up with the top 5 that most resonated with me,
What I called, MY Top 5 List, which I also shared.
The challenge was for YOU to come up with YOUR own Top 5 list.
Those that resonate with YOU.
The initial list was not meant to be all inclusive.
There might be other traits that might resonate more with you.
And by you, I mean YOU,
Your engaging leadership style, not someone else’s.
The engaging leadership style that best fits YOU and not someone else.
I can’t think of an EASYer way to increase the odds of engaging people
with one’s leadership style,
than to use one that fits one’s own strengths, styles and preferences.
Oh! And in case you were wondering?
AUTHENTICITY is one of the traits on the initial list.

So, go ahead!
Take a peek and see if you can come up with YOUR Top 5.
But, Don’t forget to consider how they align to YOUR Top 5 Strengths.
If you have not figured those out yet,
You might have guessed,
I have a blog on that topic as well; 😊
Are YOU playing to YOUR Portfolio of Strengths?

If you come up with some different leadership traits than those on the top 22 list,
feel free to share them.
My list was a draft, as I try them out and make them real,
I might just end up changing one or two.
Others might be looking for some input and ideas as well. 😊

Enjoy the read and the challenge.
Here’s to making change, EASYer on YOURSELF!
And, Happy Leading!

Oh! and by the way.
If you would like to take YOUR engaging leader capabilities to the next level
That might make for an interesting topic to explore together in one of my
“Experience Coaching with Dave” Sessions.
The details are below

I will also be scheduling a few more group coaching sessions in the New Year.
“Authentic Leadership Bootcamp” and,
“Everything YOU wanted to know about Playing to YOUR Strengths but were afraid to ask”.
and, “WHO are YOU? the REAL YOU?”
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