HOW I LOST 100 Pounds of Body Fat (a.k.a. How I adopted a Healthier Lifestyle the EASYer way)

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Making Change EASYer on YOURself
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Sharing MY Story with YOU in the Hopes of Inspiring YOU
A lot more people appear to be leading unhealthier lifestyles these days.
The results are quite depressing.
A 2016 study indicated that two out of every three Americans are considered to be overweight or obese.
In 2014, Statistics Canada reported that 54% of the population of Canada over the age of 18 self-reported themselves as being overweight or obese.

Obese or overweight.
Not the most energizing of states to be in.
I know.
I was one of them.
I hovered between being obese and overweight over a 15-year period of my life.
Just getting up to grab a beer between football games became an arduous chore for me.

At one point, I was carrying close to 100 pounds of excess body fat.
That is equivalent to me carrying my son around with me when he was 13 years old.

Well. It has been close to 3 years now since I was able to shed that weight.
I weighed in at my normal body weight for the first time in a long time a few days before my 50th birthday.
What a nice birthday present I gave myself that year.
A little late in the game, but better late than never. 😊

It feels like night and day now.
My energy level is so much higher.
My self-confidence as well.
And my life-expectancy. I added more than a few years there.
Here that kids? Dad looks like he might be sticking around a little longer.
It cost me a fortune, since my shirt size went from an XL to an M.
Can you say new wardrobe? I can. 😊
But, it was well worth the investment.
As the accountant in me will point out, quite the ROI!

How did I do it?
How did I lose 1/3 of my body fat over less than 2 years?
How did I take it off and keep it off?

Well, I think that I would sum it up as follows
“Make it easy on yourself” and have FUN while you are at it.

If YOU would like to read more about how I pulled off the change,
and you have 20 minutes to spare,
Take a peek at my blog on the topic

Or, take a peek at my video during which I summarize it all up in 7 minutes.
In front of a live audience with a 100-pound barbell at my feet.
Summing up how I pulled it off (a.k.a. took the pounds off), and,
Sharing my catalyst for finally deciding to make the change in the first place.
And, more importantly, to stick to it.

Well, that was my story. What is YOURS?
MY Challenge to YOU (An opportunity for YOU to learn and grow.)
Optional of course. Like everything in Life. YOUR CHOICE!                                                                                                                                                                                              

Are YOU Ready for a challenge?
If Yes, here YOU GO!

If you guessed that my challenge to YOU includes taking it easy on yourself.
Then you guessed right.
If you guessed that my challenge to you includes taking it one step at a time.
Then you guessed right.

So here goes.
Choose one thing to do today.
One thing!
YOUR one thing.
Something that YOU want to do.
It might have to do with exercise (i.e. take a 15-minute walk)
It might have to do with nutrition (i.e. eat a half vs. a full portion of potato chips)
But whatever it is,
Choose something that is easy to do.
Because that approach will make it a lot easier to do it.

Then choose another thing to do tomorrow.
And the next day.
And the day after that.

One thing at a time.
One step at a time.
The easier, the better.
That is how momentum is built.
That is how confidence is built.
That is how change starts to take shape.
That is how change starts to become a habit.
That is how healthy lifestyles become a habit.
Enjoy YOUR journey!
And remember, have fun while YOU are it!

Well, that’s all folks.


Professional Coach, Facilitator and Motivational Speaker

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