A man’s journey through midlife crisis and self-transformation. PART 1 of 6

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A man’s journey through midlife crisis and self-transformation. PART 1 of 6

“It is not the mountain that we conquer but ourselves” – Sir Edmund Hillary

I have taken book self-publishing to a whole new level!
At least for my FIRST Draft of my first BOOK.
I am self-publishing (a.k.a. sharing each of the chapters with YOU)
via. …….

and my website
Link to my website

I am self-publishing my first draft of my book.
ONE Chapter at a time.
All 28 chapters, ONE at a time.

I started on Monday December 18, 2017.
I plan on finishing on Monday January 22, 2018 (my 53rd Birthday).

What is the name of the book? YOU might ask
Well, it is called;
Tell Me Why I Now Love Mondays (At least most of the time 😊)

What is it all about? YOU might ask
In general, it is all about Making and Maintaining BOTH
personal and professional self-transformational change.
More specifically, it is;
A man’s journey through midlife crisis and self-transformation.

I am sharing my lessons learned; the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
I am sharing what I leveraged and learned during that Journey to help YOU
move FARTHER and FASTER with YOUR Journey of change!

Here is a little book excerpt that might explain the tie-in with Mondays!

Oh! And Why am I picking on Mondays?

Oh, and, before I forget. One more thing. What made me decide to call this book “Tell me Why I now love Mondays”? Why am I picking on Mondays? Well, the short answer is, because they picked on ME. For a long time.

I let Monday’s do it to me but that is no excuse. Bad Monday! No wonder no one likes YOU. YOU are not nice. I feared Monday’s so much in the past that I could never fathom liking Mondays. Talk about a lack of willingness to question one’s beliefs, and questioning one’s beliefs is a key enabler to making a change.

My dread of Mondays got so bad at one point that I started drinking as early as Wednesday because I was starting to get anxious and depressed about the upcoming Monday. As previously mentioned, I would have started drinking earlier but my body could not process that much booze over that long a period. I could not drink on Tuesdays or Monday, ironically, the day I needed my self-medication the most. Apparently, I was not alone in my dislike for Mondays.  As outlined in my blog “Not Dave’s Top 5 List. TOP 5 Reasons Why NOT Everyone Hates Mondays” I was only able to find 2 people so far who did not share that feeling and I wanted to join them. In my case, to not only like Mondays but to Love them. And all the rest of the days of the week as well.

Well, I am getting close to that goal. Getting close to enabling that transition, that shift, that mind shift, and once I am there it will be time to maintain it. And what better way to maintain it than making it a habit. How cool a habit would that be? Getting up every day of the week, no matter what day of the week, Mondays included, and looking forward to that day, looking forward to having an awesome day. Here’s to making that one a habit. Monday! I am sorry for all the terrible things I said to you in the past, I am now looking forward to the start of a great relationship!


I have just finished self-publishing
PART 1 of my Book:
Setting the stage. I believe introductions are in order
Chapters 1- 6.

I have provided you with a short description
and link to each of them below.

Feel free to take a peek at one or more
Hopefully there is a little something in the book
to Inspire and/or Empower YOU on YOUR Journey of change!

Feedback most welcome.
The Final version of the book should be out in the spring
Reach out, if you would like me to put aside a copy for YOU 😊

Enjoy the read(s)!
Enjoy YOUR Journey!

Chapter 1: Sharing MY Story of Life-Altering, Midlife (a.k.a. HALFTIME) TRANSITION with YOU

In today’s Chapter, Chapter 1, I thought that, before I introduce you to “NEW” Dave in Chapter 3 (more like “NEWER” Dave), and “OLD” Dave (circa 2010 or 7 years ago) in Chapter 2, I thought that I would take a few minutes to explain to you why I wrote this book and, more importantly, WHAT is in it for YOU! Enjoy the read!

The Link to Chapter 1 of MY FIRST BOOK

Chapter 2: Introducing “Old Dave”:  A typical Monday in the Winter of 2010

In today’s Chapter, Chapter 2, I am introducing you to “OLD” Dave (circa 2010 or 7 years ago). Apparently, he does not much care for Mondays, or at least he did not care for them back then. In the next Chapter that I share, Chapter 3, I will introduce you to “NEWER” Dave. Not only does he like Mondays, he Loves them. At least most of the time. Enjoy the read!

The Link to Chapter 2 of MY FIRST BOOK

Chapter 3: Introducing “Newer Dave”: Monday December 11, 2017

In today’s Chapter, Chapter 3, I am introducing you to “NEW” Dave. Although, “NEWER” Dave might be a more appropriate name for him given that, even though he is off to the races in the SECOND Half of his life, there is plenty more change to come. After all, Life is a Journey and not a destination. Enjoy the read!

The Link to Chapter 3 of MY FIRST BOOK

Chapter 4: The before and after PICTURES and METRICS speak for themselves!

In the 2 previous Chapters, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3, I introduced YOU to “OLD” Dave and “New” or “Newer” Dave. Now, in Chapter 4, I am comparing and contrasting the two of them. The two of ME. As you can tell by the picture and the analytics and statistics, it really has been quite the Halftime journey of change and transformation. Enjoy the read!

The Link to Chapter 4 of MY FIRST BOOK

Chapter 5: MY Imperative(s) for Change. For Changing MY Epitaph

In the previous Chapter that I shared with YOU, Chapter 4, I touched upon my recent transition for “OLD” Dave to “Newer” Dave. In today’s Chapter, Chapter 5, I am going to touch upon ANOTHER transition that “Newer” Dave has recently undergone. It is one that allowed him (i.e. ME) to change his Epitaph into one that better aligns with the Second Half of his life. That transition was from “Captain Comfort Zone” to Captain Courageous”. It took me a while, and lots of time and effort, and trials and tribulations, to build my level of courage, and the self-confidence that comes with it, but better late than neve. Enjoy the read!

The Link to Chapter 5 of MY FIRST BOOK

Chapter 6: What about YOU? Thinking of making a change to YOUR Epitaph? If so, I wrote this book for YOU!

If you are looking for an opportunity to make a positive change in YOUR life. If you are looking for some ideas for you to explore in making YOUR Journey of change, REAL. If you are looking to find YOUR fit. Then, in today’s Chapter, Chapter 6, I am doing my best to explain to YOU how reading my book, will help YOU, do, exactly that. Enjoy the read!

The Link to Chapter 6 of MY FIRST BOOK




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