Sharing my story and

the stories of others

“People think that stories are shaped by people.

In fact it’s the other way around…” Terry Pratchett, novelist


Making Change and TRANSITION EASYer on YOU!
by sharing stories of change and transition with YOU!

When it comes to making change.
I find that “YOU don’t know what YOU don’t know until YOU try it out”.
a.k.a. Making the theory real for YOU!
a.k.a. Finding out what FITS best for YOU!

So, to that end.
My stories are full of  ideas and challenges for YOU!
They are based on what I have experienced and researched and explored.
And they are in line with my modus operandi of trying to “make change EASYer on ONEself”.

I am sharing them with YOU as an opportunity for YOU to try them out.
To make them real for YOU.
And find some that work for YOU.
Please feel free to share some as well.

Enjoy the read!
And the positive changes in YOUR life! 😊





It’s lonely at the top. Ninety-nine percent of people
in the world are convinced they can’t do great things,
so they aim for mediocre.

My stories are meant to be as diverse as my clients and cover as many dimensions, or as I like to call them, life quadrants, as possible. For example:

  • Our Career or Business Quadrant
  • Our Family and/or Friends Quadrant
  • Our Soul Mate or Better Half Quadrant
  • And of course, our “ME” Quadrant

The following are some of my more recent stories (a.k.a. blogs)

The following are some ideas of upcoming stories (a.k.a. blogs)

Feedback on these topics and suggestions for other topics welcome

  • Top 5 ways I reduced my weekly alcohol consumption (Big Time)
  • Top 5 traits of a fulfilling life (as viewed through my lens)
  • Top 5 ways traits of a high performing team
  • Top 5 ways of enabling and maintaining change (hint, hint, think inclusion)
  • Top 5 ways I overcame my clinical depression
  • Top 5 ways in improving my communications with others (a.k.a. communication skills)
  • Top 5 tips to eating healthier (while still enjoying it 🙂 )
  • Top 5 highlights of my transition into Entrepreneurship
  • Top 5 ways in developing a nurturing and caring relationship with my love ones
  • Top 5 ways of broadening my network

Oh! And stay tuned for my book  🙂

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