MONDAYS Don’t have to SUCK!
How small changes can make a huge difference

As a senior practitioner at a Fortune 500 company, Dave Walker had it made professionally and financially. Successful career, perfect marriage, perfect family, perfect house – his life was on track. What more could he want? But, despite these outward signs of success, Dave hated his job. Words cannot express how much he dreaded Mondays. He couldn’t wait to retire from the daily office slog but he was paralyzed by fear of change, any change, that would jeopardize his well-laid plans. Obese, clinically depressed, and sinking ever deeper into an alcohol dependency that was destroying his life, Dave insulated and isolated himself from the outside world in his “Comfort Zone”, a place that ultimately became a “Nasty Zone.”

Then one day when looking in the mirror, Dave was jolted by the realization that he was one heart attack away from the end of his life. He decided then and there to stick around for his children. Mondays (don’t have to) SUCK is the story of how he crawled his way out of his “Nasty Zone” to build a healthy, vibrant life that is as fulfilling today as it is productive. Told with compassion for himself and others who may find themselves in a Nasty Zone of their own, Dave helps readers build a bridge from where they are now to a future that gives them purpose, hope and previously-unimaginable joy.

Using examples from his own life, and plenty of practical ideas from others, Dave generously shares what he learned from his journey and invites his readers to take the EASYer road to change, reminding us all to honour “progress, not perfection” in our search for a happier life.

MONDAY'S don't have to SUCK! How small changes can make a huge difference.

MONDAY'S don't have to SUCK! How small changes can make a huge difference.

One man’s unintentional journey of life-altering self-transformation.


“I love your storytelling. You share so much and really draw me in as a reader!”

Olympian and World Champion Sprint Kayaker
Author of Strong Beauty: POWER UP the Champion Within
International Speaker


“Dave’s book is a message of hope. Change is possible for everyone. Throughout, I noticed a theme of possibility and potential, which encouraged me to explore my choices and potential. Some books I have read made me feel like I was unable to be as amazing as the author, but his book had a non-threatening, human touch i.e. “I did it. It was not always easy. You can do it too, or not”. As I read it, I felt like I was always being offered a choice and a gentle challenge. I also app reciate the seasoning of humour that Dave injects into a very real and challenging aspect of life. Dave is truly relatable, inspiring and vulnerable!”

Owner Octagon Coaching
Past President – ICF (International Coach Federation) – Edmonton Chartered Chapter


“Dave, trust that your gifts are received as they are from the right place and a deep rooting in an authentic desire to serve. All of our lights burn brighter from your commitment. You have taken the time to craft such a gift to others – especially a ‘male group’ that are under served in this regard. Applause!”

Partner and Coach at Deloitte


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