Inspiring and Empowering others

by Sharing MY stories

“Storytelling is the most powerful way

to put ideas into the world today.” – Robert McKee

Inspiring and Empowering others by Sharing MY stories

Am I a speaker or a storyteller?
I prefer the term storyteller.
I like to tell stories.
MY favourites are stories of change.
And since the only constant is change, I should have enough material (a.k.a. topics) to keep me busy for a while 🙂
MY stories are inspired by my own experiences, observations, research and most of all, the experiences (a.k.a. stories) of others.

Are you ready
for a new

in your life?

The human species thinks in metaphors
and learns through stories

MY stories and hence my audiences and potential audiences are people who are looking to make change on the personal and/or professional front.
MY objective through my storytelling is to help inspire and empower others to successfully undertake those changes.
Everyone and every situation is unique and as such everyone will want to find their own path forward.
Through my stories, I am hoping that I can help accelerate that pace of change and/or influence the ultimate destination.

What I love most about what I do is that there is a connection between the stories that I share through my writing (i.e. my blogs) and the ones that I share by speaking.
The icing on the cake is all the awareness and wisdom that I receive through my interactions with others in my role as a facilitator and coach.
Talk about a dream job 🙂

As with my facilitated sessions, I also believe that presentations should be energizing and engaging.
The audience member should come away from the experience having gained something that resonates with them.
Something that they can do after or in between sessions that will make a difference in their lives.
To that end, the presentations that I help design and deliver are intended to be very engaging,  action oriented and fun.


On the personal front, the topics are heavily influenced by some of my personal experiences.
As mentioned in the  “Who I AM” section of this site.
I have CHANGED to such an extent that people often don’t recognize me.
Some of the changes that I have made in this area include overcoming.

  •  Clinical depression
  • Obesity
  • Venturing out of my comfort zone
  • MY bout with functional alcoholism
  • Getting unstuck so that I could find a career role with the right fit at my former employer
  • Overcoming my shyness
  • Confronting my fear of confrontation

And let’s not forget my ongoing transition from career employee to Entrepreneur.


On the professional front, the topics are heavily influenced by my time spent as the program director of the Executive transition program at my former employer.
And MY time spent as a facilitator and coach helping people develop their networking and relationship building capabilities with this same organization, one of the largest professional services firms in Canada.

Topics that I have covered include:

  • Effective targeting for relationship selling. “Connecting” with targets to expand your network.
  • Successfully managing transitions: Research, highlights and perspectives from women leaders in Finance.
  • From financial steward to business strategist: Comparing your priorities to those of your peers.
  • I am also very interested in exploring any of the topics that I have covered through my blogs.

I have developed and delivered presentations to various audiences including:

  • Members of industry and professional associations
  • Universities
  • Professional services organizations
  • And  numerous other groups

Feel free to reach out

and connect with me if YOU would like to discuss how I can collaborate with you in developing a session(s) that would inspire and empower your audience.

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