Who are you? The real you?

A virtual group coaching experience

In coaching we are taught that there are 3 key components to making a change in one’s life.

The WHAT and the HOW are important, but they pale in comparison to the third one,

The WHO i.e. YOU. The Authentic YOU! The REAL YOU!

WHO are YOU?

Take a peek at the video below to see how this unique group coaching experience can help enable YOUR journey of change.

Only $299.00
for all 7 sessions and all of the interaction (a.k.a. learning and growth) in between

Meet by video for a 5 session group coaching program PLUS benefit from 2 one-on-one coaching sessions with a  professional coach (i.e. ME😊)

  • October 27 – 90 minutes
  • November 10 – 60 minutes
  • November 24 – 60 minutes
  • December 8 – 60 minutes
  • January 12- 60 minutes

Take a quick peek at the “ONE PAGER” for more details and what’s in it for YOU! Click Here

Take a longer peek at MY blog that explains the power of the WHO and to assess whether this offering and the timing is a fit for YOU! Click Here

Interested? The next step is to schedule a 30 minute introductory call with ME to register you and discuss how YOU can best leverage the Group Coaching Experience


and connect with me if YOU would like to discuss how I can collaborate with you in the design and/or delivery of your personal or professional development offerings

The “WHO are YOU?” Virtual Group Coaching Experience
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