Want to increase the odds of making and maintaining an important positive change in your life?

Try out a “Life Coaching with Dave Experience”

Here is your chance to very quickly experience Life Coaching with a Professional Life Coach

1. Make an important positive change in YOUR LIFE!
2. Experience the magic of LIFE Coaching with a Professional Life Coach!
Why not achieve both through one experience?
My “Life Coaching with Dave Experience” offering.

I am now a big fan of coaching and the coaching process but I had to experience it first-hand to really appreciate it and understand how it works. That is the objective of the “Life Coaching with Dave Experience”. You essentially become my client  for a 5 week period of time during which WE work together on enabling an important positive change in YOUR life. There are TWO sessions in order to experience the magic and ah-ha moments that often take place in between life coaching sessions.

I have created a short Video outlining the process and benefits (below).
If you are interested, the first step is to schedule a complimentary 45-minute introductory call with me (via the Orange button below right)

I am looking forward to helping YOU make YOUR change a reality.

The Details

  •  The coaching experience consists of an initial 60 minute coaching session and a 60 minute follow-up coaching session.
  • The price for the coaching experience is $149.99 (a significant discount on my current rates).
  • The sessions will be conducted virtually by voice and/or video. Your choice! Whatever you feel most comfortable with.
  • Feel free to email me for any quick input and/or updates between sessions.

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