Storyteller Dave

The writer in me

I love to tell stories. A LOT!

Making Change and TRANSITION EASYer on YOU!
by sharing stories of change and transition with YOU!

When it comes to making change.
I find that “YOU don’t know what YOU don’t know until YOU try it out”.
a.k.a. Making the theory real for YOU!
a.k.a. Finding out what FITS best for YOU!

So, to that end.
My stories are full of  ideas and challenges for YOU!
They are based on what I have experienced and researched and explored.
They cover the Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Great.
And they are in line with my modus operandi of trying to “make change EASYer on ONEself”.
Positive change that is. 😊

I am sharing them with YOU as an opportunity for YOU
to try them out on YOU!
To make them real for YOU.
And find some that work for YOU.
Please feel free to share some as well.

Enjoy the read!
And the positive changes in YOUR life! 😊

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Dave’s Top 5 List: Traits of a Great Leader (as viewed through my lens)

I can’t believe that I am wading into this morass. Leadership. There must be a million articles and books out there on the topic. Who wants to read another blog on leadership, especially one by little old ME. Who died and made ME an SME (subject matter expert) and scholar on the topic 🙂 Where did I get all my wisdom from on this topic? True, I am chronologically older than many but am I wiser? And besides, when it comes to blogging, I am still new at this. I still have my training wheels on 🙂

Dave’s Top 5 List: My Dream Job

One of my colleagues recently blogged about the importance of finding one’s dream job. Got me thinking. What is a dream job? I have probably come across the term “Dream Job” hundreds, if not thousands, of times but up until now, I have not really sat down to think about what that actually means. And more importantly, is my job, a dream job? So, as my first “blog”, I am setting out to do exactly that.

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