A Question to Ask Yourself Next Time YOU are Feeling Stressed

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There is a scene in the movie Bridge of Spies. (Spoiler Alert 😊)
One of the characters, who is on trial for his life, never seems to be nervous.
His lawyer (Tom Hanks) asks him “do you never worry?”
His reply….
“Would it help?”

That just resonated with me.
Every time I start worrying about things.
Especially things that have not and most likely will not happen.
I ask that question to myself.

I am trying to convince my kids to do the same.

I was stuck in traffic with my daughter Emily a week ago.
I was complaining a bit. ☹
She looked at me with a smile on her face.
And asked me.
“Dad, does that help?
We spent the rest of the ride chatting and listening to AC/DC music (really loud 😊) instead.

So remember.
Next time you are feeling stressed.
Ask yourself.
Does that help?

BTW. Here is a link to the scene on YouTube



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