Yo! Dave! What’s with all the stuff on your office wall?

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Some folks have been asking me if there is a method to the madness of all that stuff posted all over my office walls?

As a retort, I have put together a video response. Feel free to take a peek:

Spoiler alert:

In the video I explain not just what it is
but how it helps me help my coaching clients and audiences (written and verbal)
make changes in their lives by making those changes EASYer on themselves

FYI #1:  The tools and resources I mentioned in the video are on my website

FYI #2: If you would like to explore any of the concepts with me, my “Coaching With Dave Experience” (CWDE)  could provide the opportunity to do so

Here is the link for more info on the CWDE http://davewcoachingandstorytelling.com/coach/life-coaching-with-dave-experience/         

BTW. I tried putting some stuff on the roof of my office (I am running out of real estate) but it became a bit too claustrophobic




Dave Walker
Coach and Storyteller
(a.k.a. the Dude who likes to share)


Author of the forthcoming book
Tell Me Why I Now Love Mondays!
(At least, most of the time )

My book  is about self-change and self-discovery and once you have spent enough time on those two,
the self-transformation that eventually takes place

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