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Making Change and TRANSITION EASYer on YOURself!
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An idea for YOU!

As some of you are already aware.
In addition to writing blogs on ways of making change EASYer on oneself.
I am writing a book on that that topic i.e. Making change EASYer on oneself.
(a.k.a. My Modus Operandi on making change and making it stick)
The title is….
Tell Me Why I now Love Mondays (At least most of the time 😊)
It is about ….
A Man’s Journey through Midlife Crisis and Self-Transformation
I am sharing an excerpt from Chapter 4 (see below)
In the hopes that it provides some meaning around the title of the book
i.e. Why Mondays?


Chapter 4: The before and after PICTURES and METRICS speak for themselves 

Oh! And Why am I picking on Mondays?

Oh, and, before I forget. One more thing. What made me decide to call this book “Tell me Why I now love Mondays”? Why am I picking on Mondays? Well, the short answer is, because they picked on ME. For a long time.

I let Monday’s do it to me but that is no excuse. Bad Monday! No wonder no one likes YOU. YOU are not nice. I feared Monday’s so much in the past that I could never fathom liking Mondays. Talk about a lack of willingness to question one’s beliefs, and questioning one’s beliefs is a key enabler to making a change.

My dread of Mondays got so bad at one point that I started drinking as early as Wednesday because I was starting to get anxious and depressed about the upcoming Monday. As previously mentioned, I would have started drinking earlier but my body could not process that much booze over that long a period. I could not drink on Tuesdays or Monday, ironically, the day I needed my self-medication the most. Apparently, I was not alone in my dislike for Mondays.  As outlined in my blog “Not Dave’s Top 5 List. TOP 5 Reasons Why NOT Everyone Hates Mondays” I was only able to find 2 people so far who did not share that feeling and I wanted to join them. In my case, to not only like Mondays but to Love them. And all the rest of the days of the week as well.

Well, I am getting close to that goal. Getting close to enabling that transition, that shift, that mind shift, and once I am there it will be time to maintain it. And what better way to maintain it than making it a habit. How cool a habit would that be? Getting up every day of the week, no matter what day of the week, Mondays included, and looking forward to that day, looking forward to having an awesome day. Here’s to making that one a habit. Monday! I am sorry for all the terrible things I said to you in the past, I am now looking forward to the start of a great relationship!


I LOVE blogging so much that I decided that,
the best way for me to complete a first draft,
of my first (and hopefully not last) book,
was to pretend that each chapter is a blog,
and share each, and every one of them with YOU!
When I am done sharing,
Then hopefully my book will be done as well. 😊

I am sharing the first draft,
Chapter by Chapter via
I started on Monday December 11, 2017.
I plan to finish sharing on Monday January 22, 2018 (my 53rd B-Day 😊)
I will spare all of you the 28 emails that it would take to share
All 28 chapters.
Instead, I will send you a quick heads up
Once I have shared each of the 6 parts (a.k.a. Sections)
With a little blurb on each of the 28 Chapters
so that you can pick and choose one, or two, or more
that might be of the most interest to YOU!
Please feel free to share.
And Feedback would be very much appreciated.

By the way
here is the link to chapter 1 to get things going
The Link to Chapter 1 of MY FIRST BOOK

Enjoy the read (s)

And Happy Holidays
And may all YOUR 2018 wishes come true😊


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