Are YOU looking at a Transition in YOUR Role in YOUR near future?

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Making CAREER Change and TRANSITION EASYer on YOURself!

Offering up a Complimentary Coaching Session for YOU!

My hypothesis is that YOU are reading this blog because YOU are going through or,
are about to go through, a transition in YOUR role!
If so, I guess that congratulations are in order.
So, Congratulations! 😊

My other hypothesis is that YOU prefer reading to watching a video.
If not, I cover off the information below in a video on my web site at…

Apparently, we undergo a transition in role every 1.3 years, on average1.
So, the good news is, YOU are going to get lots of practice over your career.
But that does not make them any less daunting at times.
There are those who find a transition in role to be very stressful.
Small wonder.
There are so many unknowns.
So many new people and ways of doing things.
So many new challenges and decisions to be made.
So many things to learn and unlearn.
And all of it taking place at what seems an extremely fast pace.
At the executive level, 40% fail within the first 18 months2.

They can be scary, but they don’t have to be.

Done right. A transition can be an incredible learning and growth opportunity.
Just think of all the new people that you are going to connect with.
All the new things that you are going to learn.
All the challenges that will allow you to stretch and grow.
As long as you pace yourself appropriately that is.
And do the right things, of course.
Easier said than done.

That is what I would like to explore with YOU in the Complimentary Role Transition Session.
How are you feeling about your upcoming transition?
What has you worried?
What has you excited?
What is your strategy to leverage this opportunity?

A lot has been written about the importance of the transition period.
Some refer to it as a 90-day period, others as a 180-day period.
Regardless of the exact number, it is a crucial step that,
ultimately determines the success or failure of most transitions.

I have witnessed and explored the importance of the role transition.
As both a career transition coach,
and in my previous role as program director for an
executive transition program at one of the largest professional services firms in the world.
Although that program was focused on senior executives,
the ideas and insights apply to other types of transitions as well.

But before we focus on YOU….  A little bit more about me.

If there is one thing you should know about me.
It is my modus operandi
a.k.a. my strategy to making and maintaining change and transition.
And that is to make them (i.e. change and transition) EASYer on Oneself.
And on my Clients.
And, in this case, on YOU! 😊

That basically is what my complimentary role transition session is all about.

Helping YOU come up with ways that will make your upcoming or current transition in
YOUR role easier on YOURself!

Whichever way YOU define EASYer.
i.e. More impactful. Less stressful. More enjoyable.  Etc.

It is YOUR session agenda!
We can explore whatever areas are top of mind for YOU!

You probably have a lot on YOUR mind these days.
All the best wishes and advice from colleagues, peers, family, friends, articles, books, blogs, etc.
Here is YOUR chance to sort through them with;
Someone who is objective.
Someone who has no biases.
Some who only has YOUR best interests in mind. Whatever fits and works for YOU!
Someone who is a professional career and life coach.
Yes, Career and Life Coach.
Because, whether you like it or not, other parts of YOUR LIFE are impacted.

So, if YOU are interested
Go to my website in the 1 to 1 coaching section and schedule a session.
Here is the link:

I will then send you an invite which will allow YOU to connect with me
by voice only or video (whichever YOU feel more comfortable with).

I look forward to connecting with YOU soon
And once again.
And Enjoy YOUR new role.

And, here’s to making change, EASYer on YOURSELF!



Career Transition Coach &
“HALFTIME” Life Journey Coach

Helping YOU GO farther, faster
by making it EASYer on YOURself

Some extra resources to help YOU!
(in case YOU want to dig a little deeper on this TOPIC)

My way of helping YOU make change and TRANSITION EASYer on YOU😊

(FYI… There are numeorus other resources for you to explore that are listed in this blog)
Are YOU ready for a transition in YOUR role and or organization                 

1 The First 90 Days (page 2). Michael D. Watkins.
The First 90 Days

2 Taking the reins. Managing CFO Transitions (Page 1). Deloitte. Dr. Ajit Kambil
Taking the reins. Managing CFO Transitions

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