Top 5 Reasons (a.k.a. Benefits) for YOU to Participate in OUR Upcoming “Authentic Leadership Bootcamp”.

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Authentic Leadership Boot Camp

Join a group of your peers and 2 professional coaches for a truly UNIQUE, VIRTUAL and INCLUSIVE experience! The April 5 cohort  


What’s in it for YOU!
For those of you who have read my blogs
I like Top 5 and Top 10 lists.
So, I thought that I would put one together for YOU.
One that outlines the value proposition of,
participating in OUR upcoming “Authentic Leadership Bootcamp”.

After all, Shawna and I are asking you to spend some of YOUR valuable time by;
Participating in;

  • 5 group sessions with your peers (5.5 hours of your time)
  • 2 one-on-one coaching sessions (2 hours of your time)

Preparing for;

  • The various sessions (Hours and effort up to you, the more the merrier 😊)

Applying the concepts;

  • In between the sessions (Hours and effort up to you, the more the merrier 😊)

Oh, and let’s not forget the cash outlay.
Show me the money!

  • $199.00* is the price of admission to the bootcamp ($26.53 per session hour)

Like most people.
YOU probably have a bunch of competing priorities for YOUR time.
So, what are the benefits of choosing to spend YOUR time on this priority?

Well here is my attempt to influence YOU!
BTW. Influencing is not my “Dominant Leadership Domain”
But, I will give it a try anyways.
Here I go….

Top 5 Reasons (a.k.a. Benefits) for YOU to Participate in OUR Upcoming “Authentic Leadership Bootcamp”
Without further ado,
Here they are, in no particular order of importance.

#1 The Current Leadership “People” Gap
Notice that I did not mention,
A current leadership skills Gap, or
A current leadership experience Gap, or
A current leadership capabilities, Gap.
People have a combination of the above and much more.
That is why I am referring to a “people gap”.
A leadership people GAP.
There are a lot of studies and surveys on the internet
that discuss the GAP and the repercussions thereof.
Lots. ☹
Here is one where it is even described as a crisis.

 “The World Economic Forum on the global
outlook for 2015 identified the lack of leadership as the
No. 3 challenge over the next 12–18 months. Out of 1,767
respondents to the Survey on the Global Agenda, 86%
agree there is a leadership crisis in the world today.”

Are you ready to help fill the GAP?
Not only by honing your leadership skills but,
By helping develop other leaders.
One of my favourite leadership quotes is as follows:

“YOU are not a leader until YOU have produced another leader who can produce another leader”
I love it!

Leadership or lack thereof is one of the top issues keeping people up at night these days,
Both the folks in H.R. and the folks in the business.
In our current day and age of automation and outsourcing,
it is PEOPLE (a.k.a. Talent) who are the ASSETs that more and more make or break organizations.
And so, the importance and impact on the gap in leadership
is becoming more relevant and urgent each and every day.

In my recent blog on the multiplier vs. diminisher concept,
I outlined the both the positive and negative impact that a leader can have on an organization.
The positive impact can double the productivity of a team.
Double the financial impact in a “For-Profit” organization.
Double the level of impact on whatever the mission outcomes are for a “Not-For-Profit” organization.
I can see why leadership development is top of mind on the
Learning and Growth (L&G) agenda these days.

Not to mention, in defining the requirements for many roles.
I received a notice of a job opportunity via Linked in today.
Guess what the first requirement was?
Here is the answer:
“We seek individuals who demonstrate leadership,
integrity, a sharp analytical mind, creativity,
and the ability to work with people across all levels in an organization to make them successful.”
Those of you who have read MY Blog on the top 5 traits of a great leader,
will notice that “integrity”, the second requirement above, was among the attributes of a great leader.

#2 Strengths Make Extraordinary Leaders
Have you heard the term “Play to your Strengths” lately?
A lot of organizations are moving toward a strength based performance management approach.
There are a lot of books and self assessment tools out there,
that can help you identify your top strengths.
Have you taken one recently?
Do you know what YOUR top strengths are?
(BTW. That is one of the homework assignments for our Boot Camp participants, if they do not 😊)

The authors of the book,
“How to be exceptional: Drive leadership success by magnifying your strengths”
(yes, I read them all 😊)
I find, do a good job of describing the value proposition of focusing on one’s strengths.
As opposed to the traditional focus on fixing weaknesses.

“If people spend all their time focusing on fixing weaknesses, their potential strengths will never become profound strengths.  It is this shift in focus – from trying not to be below average on anything to, instead, being outstanding at relatively few behaviors”

 As they put it, “Strengths Make Extraordinary Leaders”.

Playing to your strengths!
How about Leading to your strengths?
I introduced the concept of “Dominant Leadership Domains above”.

There are 4 of them:

  1. Executing
  2. Influencing
  3. Relationship Building
  4. Strategic Thinking

They are explained by Tom Rath in his book,
“Strengths Based Leadership: Great Leaders, Teams, and Why People Follow”
Which one is YOURS?
Oh, and you guessed it.
More homework for our Boot Camp participants if they are not yet aware of theirs.

#3 Your Strengths and Not Someone Else’s
This is where one of my new favourite words comes into play.
It is called “Authenticity”.

Not being authentic.
For example,
By trying to emulate someone else’s leadership style and/or
By trying to play to someone else’s strengths and not yours,
Is like going though your day wearing a pair of shoes that don’t fit.
They could be too big and cause painful calluses and an inability to walk properly, or
They could be too small and cause painful sores and an inability to walk properly.
Either way, trying to be someone else,
As a leader or otherwise.
Can be just as uncomfortable and awkward.

Oh, and that goes for more than just Your strengths.
It also goes for YOUR values and preferences (a.k.a. personality)
and a whole lot of other important things.

#4 Learning by Doing Alongside Your Peers
(and a bit of accountability and coaching thrown into the mix 😊)
Ever heard of the term learning by doing?
It is a key part of the design and approach of the Boot Camp.
In between the sessions,
You have a chance to explore what you are learning in order to make it real.
You have a chance to practice.
You have a chance to make the theory real, by applying it.

In between the making it real,
You have an opportunity to reflect and share and learn along with your peers.
A bit of a mastermind concept.
In this case, there are also 2 professional facilitators as part of the group,
Shawna Corden and myself.
We are there to help encourage the awareness and learning and growth of the group.

In between the group sessions there is also the opportunity
to connect with both Shawna and ME.
In separate one-on-one in sessions
That will allow YOU to explore any topic(s) that might be of particular interest to YOU.

Oh, and if you are looking for a bit of motivation to get going on this front.
Nothing like the extra accountability,
and inspiration,
that being part of a peer group can provide.

Drum roll please,
Last but certainly not least…….
Reason #5

#5 Expanding the Depth and Breadth of Your Network
In my blog on Balance sheets.
Balance Sheets measuring the assets of the individual not some organization.
The individual, of course. Being YOU.
In it, I described the often-overlooked value of one’s network.
The importance of relationships.
And guess what?
YOUR relationships are YOUR assets, not your employer’s.
Unlike the results of some of your other efforts,
Your relationships follow you wherever you go.
How cool is that?

So, are  YOU looking for an opportunity to expand that network?
Develop a few more relationships?
With some Peers outside of Your organization?
With some Peers outside of Your industry?
With some Peers outside of Your Province or State?
With both women (from Venus) and men (from Mars)
Not to mention a couple of professional coaches and facilitators.
One from each planet 😊.

Well, here is your chance!

So, What are YOU waiting for?
For more information (there is a 3-page brochure with all the details)
and/or to register.

A) Go to the “MY PROGRAMS” tab on this site


B) Just reach out to me via email at


C) Just give me a shout on my cell at 514-886-1732.

Whatever works best for YOU!

Questions and comments, as always, are welcome.


Shawna and I are looking forward to spending some time with YOU soon.

BTW. I have included the links to the leadership blogs that I alluded to Above, see Below 😊



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Sharing the links to a few of my recent blogs on leadership in case YOU want to take a peek






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