“The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing”

Walt Disney


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What others are saying

  • "The session with you was life changing. Your vulnerability by sharing the picture on your site was a start. What you are putting out there in the world. Your visual representations were very powerful for me. You are funny and fun to talk to. Caring. Kind. Fun. Creative. Honest."

    Christine Stoffels Experienced Leader, Coach & Organizational Change Agent
  • “Making people better off is part of your DNA”

    JEFF DAVIDSON Partner and Coach. Deloitte.
  • “A great pleasure to read you Dave. It is like you were in the room talking to me, in your personal uplifting style”

    JT Previous Colleague
  • "I love your storytelling. You share so much and really draw me in as a reader!"

    Karen Furneaux Olympian and World Champion Sprint Kayaker

How I’m making a difference


As your coach,
my only mandate is helping you achieve your goals and aspirations. Through the power of technology, we are able to connect virtually, no matter where you may be physically located.

Facilitator and Coach

I am a big proponent
of learning by doing.
To that end, the offerings
I help design and
are very
action oriented, interactive, innovative
and fun.

Inspirational Speaker

I believe that presentations should be energizing and engaging. My hope is that EACH audience member will leave the session with something they will do differently moving forward.


What can I say,
I like to tell stories. As both a speaker and a writer. Stories can be so powerful. My favourite topics, of course, are stories of people transforming their lives. What are yours?

Sharing some of MY Stories

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